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Enhances memory, mental alertness and concentration.

Protects and supports the nervous system.

Relieves mental stress, negative emotions and depression

Reduces leg edema (swelling)due to venous insufficiency

Anti-giardiasis activity

Indications: Mental stress depression, lack of concentration, memory decline, negative emotions, leg oedema due to venous insufficiency, Alzheimer’s disease, paralysis, herpex simplex and giardiasis.




Botanical name of this plant is Centella asiatica. It belongs to family umbelliferae. Brahmi, a name derived from Brahma, the creator God of the Hindu pantheon of deities. It is also known as Mandookparni. It is celebrated for its diversity of usage. Brahmi has been used in traditional Indian medicines for over 3000 years. traditionally , it is known as a miracle brain food to enhance memory development, learning and concentration.


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