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Fennel Seeds


Fennel, bulb, raw

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 130 kJ (31 kcal)
Carbohydrates 7.29 g
Dietary fiber 3.1 g
Fat 0.20 g
Protein 1.24 g
Thiamine (B1) (1%)0.01 mg
Riboflavin (B2) (3%)0.032 mg
Niacin (B3) (4%)0.64 mg
Pantothenic acid (B5) (5%)0.232 mg
Vitamin B6 (4%)0.047 mg
Folate (B9) (7%)27 μg
Vitamin C (14%)12 mg
Trace minerals
Calcium (5%)49 mg
Iron (6%)0.73 mg
Magnesium (5%)17 mg
Manganese (9%)0.191 mg
Phosphorus (7%)50 mg
Potassium (9%)414 mg
Zinc (2%)0.20 mg
  • Units
  • μg = micrograms • mg = milligrams
  • IU = International units
Percentages are roughly approximated usingUS recommendations for adults.
Source: USDA Nutrient Database

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is a flowering plant species in the carrot family.  It is a hardy, perennial herb with yellow flowers and feathery leaves. It is indigenous to the shores of the Mediterranean but has become widely naturalized in many parts of the world, especially on dry soils near the sea-coast and on riverbanks.

It is a highly aromatic and flavorful herb with culinary and medicinal uses and, along with the similar-tasting anise, is one of the primary ingredients of absinthe. Florence fennel or finocchio is a selection with a swollen, bulb-like stem base that is used as a vegetable.

Fennel is used as a food plant by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including the mouse moth and the anise swallowtail.

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Fennel seeds are used in cooking to add flavor to foods, including sausages and fish dishes. Some people also chew the seeds after meals to help with digestion and limit gas. While the small amounts typically used in food are considered safe, using medicinal amounts of fennel seeds isn’t safe for everyone.

It is native to the Mediterranean but is now found throughout the world. Dried fennel seeds are often used in cooking as an anise-flavored spice. … Fennel is used for various digestive problems including heartburn, intestinal gas, bloating, loss of appetite, and colic in infants.

Medicinal UsesFennel has long been used as a remedy for flatulence and indigestion in traditional medicines. Fennel seed decoction or added as a spice in food has been found to increase breast milk secretion in nursing mothers. Fennel water often is used in newborn babies to relieve colic pain and help aid digestion.

In India, we traditionally chew on fennel seeds after a meal to freshen breath and keep our digestive system happy. While the conventional way is to simply pop half a teaspoon of seeds into your mouth, some of us like to lightly roast the seeds before chewing them.




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